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FAQs - marketing

One should never be discouraged from writing, based only on the numbers. We write because we build our brand, we write because we must. We wish it were different and all authors be assured to make money, but it aint so and it wont change for the better.

In the USA, one thousand new books are published every day. Together, the USA, Canada, UK and Australia publish one thousand six hundred new books every day. 

In the week that most authors market their own books, they compete against no less than forty thousand (40,000) new books being pushed in THAT MONTH only.

The difference that Acharya Publishing makes with its 77-series and 144-series is that you are not alone. Unlike the forty thousand other authors (above), you have 77 or 144 (including the publisher) co-authors and stakeholders in the publication. Your collective marketing efforts are therefore 7,700% and 14,400% respectively more effective than the solo author launching at the same time. That is just ONE example of the Acharya difference.


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