Frequently Asked Questions - book marketing

FAQs - book marketing

Congratulations on being published!! Two years is making good time, you must have worked very hard.

All authors and subject matter experts need as much exposure as possible to ensure their book-marketing efforts yield the best results. 

Acharya Publishing was brought to light to help experts and authors with less than 5 books under their belts get discovered.

One thing that will help a LOT in your marketing and career launch program is to be published in a collection alongside several peers, and also enjoy status of having been published and peer reviewed at the same time. This is exactly what Acharya Publishing is about.

As a writer and subject matter expert, you know very well how near-impossible it is to become known and respected as a trusted resource by the paying public. Acharya Publishing invented a mechanism to help you get discovered and to put your personal brand on the map among other experts.

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