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Wayist Publishing pioneered AUTHOR ADVANTAGE PUBLISHING


The greed of traditional book publishing and book selling industry escalated over the years. They pay authors a measly 8% royalty. That is 80 cent on a $10 book. 80 cents before tax, before the literary agent’s commission and lawyers fees.

Additionally, to add insult to injury, authors have to sign off all copyright for 60 years, and carry marketing costs, and refund booksellers for unsold inventory, and pay the shipping of the retailer's unsold inventory back to the warehouse, tens of thousands books are given away at royalties of single-digit cents on a book, to big box book clubs and TV promo schemes…the list goes on.

They built themselves empires on the backs of dirt-poor authors tied to lifelong contracts to repay the advance they received from the publisher because the book is not selling so well. 

The Author Advantage Difference

The Author Advantage Publishing approach started with Wayist Publishing in 2010. We are authors too, we know about feeling pain and disdain. As Publishers we do not need ALL the copyrights. A simple license to publish your copyrighted work for a few years is good enough.

Our writers and authors get the lion's share of royalties. We do not participate in retail schemes that penalize authors for unsold inventory. We do not give advances and have no reason to ever get one more cent from an author after the book is published. We do not negotiate movie and TV rights because we do not own it, you do.

There is an escape clause in our licence contract should you have good reason to get out of the deal, perhaps to sell your work to Hollywood, Bollywood or any other wood.

With our Acharya imprint, writers launch their careers as published authors by, for example, contributing a ~4-page article to any of our 77-series or 144-series.

We make things simple, clean and easy

There is no sign-up fee. Come on in and learn about other publishing opportunities available at this time.


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Jean du Plessis

Jean du Plessis

CEO - Canada
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Internet Marketing Specialist - Germany
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Liaison Executive - Asia
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We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, which is why our clients and authors love us.

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